Trying to launch your own brand, but don't know where to start?

The most overused (but still confused) buzz word today has to be the word... BRAND. It used to be a concept exclusively employed by the corporate world that began with the company logo – or brand mark. As companies began to understand the importance of a consumer following, they developed brand guides to keep a continuity of how their company/product was represented so that they had instant recognition by their followers. With the onset of the internet, these brand guides were expanded to much more than just visual recognition. Companies realized their online voice and culture was just as critical to attracting new followers. Now, social media marketing has brought the concept of branding to everyone looking to promote themselves and their products.

The problem is that they know they need a brand, but don't know how to verbalize and visualize it.

Where Women Create Business magazine gave me the chance to help their readers learn how to find their brand story and how to give their brand a personality.

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